Microbiota and Host journal cover

Microbiota and Host is an open-access, peer-reviewed journal publishing fundamental and applied research and reviews that advance our understanding of the impact of commensal microbiota both on their human and non-human hosts.

The emergence of the field of research on microbiota and microbiomes has caused a shift in perspective on form and function of eukaryotes as holobionts or 'meta-organisms' to be considered together with their microbiota. In humans, disturbances in a harmonious relationship between commensal microbiota and the host are being increasingly implicated in a wide range of diseases including, but not limited to, gut-related disease, obesity, liver disease, cardiovascular disease, neurological disorders and cancer. Non-human hosts encompassing a wide range of species are also being investigated for understanding fundamental mechanisms governing host-commensal interactions.

Microbiota and Host is particularly interested in publishing experimental or mechanistic articles in both human and non-human hosts, and those which propose potential therapeutic interventions. Descriptive studies are not encouraged and will be particularly scrutinised for novelty. We welcome the following article types: Original full-length and short research manuscripts, reviews, systematic reviews, meta-analyses, editorials and commentaries. The journal will also publish invited special issues. The Editorial Board aims to provide rapid and constructive peer review with a turnaround period for a first decision within two weeks.

Microbiota and Host will serve as a nexus for the international scientific community to publish research on the cross-talk between microbiota and the host, with a view to advancing health. The journal welcomes basic, translational and clinical studies.

Topics of interest include:

  • Influence of microbiota on host
  • Influence of host on microbiota
  • Potential therapeutic targets
  • Personalised treatment studies
  • Epidemiological studies
  • ‘Omics studies: metagenomics, metabolomics, metatransproteomics, metaproteomics, culturomics, immunomics, and multi-omics studies
  • Immunological studies
  • New technologies

The journal is newly launched, and as such does not yet have an impact factor. We aim to achieve indexing in PubMed as soon as possible, after which point all published articles will be indexed retrospectively. We also aim to achieve indexing in Web of Science so that the journal receives an impact factor as soon as possible, but unlikely to be sooner than 4 years after launch.